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DETAIL, Gaya Gallery

One does not finish soliciting the chance! From the outset one confiscates the reverse side of a canvas; square, it is preferable! Blows of dice: blows of lines, spots by A-blows, swarm or on the contrary disperse, taking the disproportion of the Chaos. The splashes which make spots and islands and archipelagos throw a fate of continuation historicized, commented, annotated by a plethoric graphic exegesis. Joint inscriptions of text and texture, signs and images. What rolls to same lines and flows runs faster than the sense which thinks only to deposit itself hieratic and sealed, and this for the eternity!

It begins with a jet, had let us understand! The jet diffuses in hazards and is converted little by little into project. Spots and graphs; germs that we detail, that we auscultate in their expansive vocation. Spots and graphs; seminal cells aspiring to the fabric, to the veil sifting the original fault.

Spots and graphs where our Lilliputian reveries are taken and where a detail would be the occasion from which the promise of the whole shines: a project always unfinished (…).

Imed Jemaiel, October 2017