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REMINISCENCE, Talon et Galerie A.Gorgi

Born in Bizerte on 1965, lives and works in Tunis. Since his induction as a schoolboy, under the tutelage of the compromising school world, to does not cease where and of “désœuvres” in the field of the ort and its surroundings.

By its drawing, the handwritten writing, manual and automatic secretion, cornerstone in the learning of a language and a culture, corresponds to a singular compromise confronting in an interlacing to lose its figure, the constraint of a code and the desire of a hand even of a body.

In the course of the scription, is registered the verb marked with the seal of the law and the direction. In spite of the grammatical decorum, the signs written-drawn open on a graphic delirium which one can readily assimilate to an orchestration of grimaces distending in all the directions the codified production of the “beautiful hand”. My Writings-paintings abound even more in the way of this wild literature and which by dint of playing hooky will end up colonizing with its fauna and its flora the austere classroom.

Imed Jemaiel

Imed Jemaiel, acrylic on canvas, cross and gold, 195 x 130 cm, 2015